Bubblegum Crisis ringtone collection

This is a collection of mobile phone ringtones featuring music from the Bubblegum Crisis anime series. Created by Toshimichi Suzuki and Junji Fujita, this anime series was first released in 1987 and spanned across a total of 8 original video animation (OVA) episodes. The music to Bubblegum Crisis was composed by Kouji Makaino and featured very good contemporary instrumental music, along with some impressive vocals from singers such as Kinuko Oomori, Yuiko Tsubokura and Maiko Hashimoto.


More information about Bubblegum Crisis anime series can be found at Raven's Garage, Wikipedia and Anime News Network. If you liked the music to the Bubblegum Crisis series, there is a 1-hour BGC megamix available that you can listen to while you browse the Internet. The Bubblegum Crisis phone ringtone volumes below.

Bubblegum Crisis Ringtones

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