Outlaw Star ringtone collection

This is a collection of mobile phone ringtones featuring music from the Outlaw Star Japanese animation series. Created by Takehiko Ito, Outlaw Star was first introduced as a manga series in 1996 within the Ultra Jump magazine and had its last volume published in 1998. The series was then made into an anime series that was first broadcasted in 1998 and spanned across 26 television episodes. The music of the Outlaw Star series was primarily composed by Koh Otani, but it also features music by Shigeru Shibuya, Yuko Miyamura, Akino Arai, Ayako Kawasumi, Sayuri Yamauchi and Masahiko Arimachi.


More information about the Outlaw Star anime series can be found on Wikipedia, Wikia and the Anime News Network. You can also find out more about the composer Koh Otani on his websiteWikipedia and VGMdb. The Outlaw Star ringtones can be accessed below.

Outlaw Star Ringtones

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