Violet Crawley ringtones #02

This is volume-02 of mobile phone ringtones featuring dialogue of the character Violet Crawley from the Downton Abbey television series. The ringtones in this collection are separated into two types: the "main" ringtones are intended for use with incoming phone calls and the "notify" ringtones are intended for use with phone notifications (such as incoming text messages).

More information about the Violet Crawley character can be found on Wikipedia and you can see her in action in the video below...if you enjoy these ringtones, consider obtaining Downton Abbey for your film collection from a reputable retailer (such as in order to support the people who helped bring it to the public.


All ringtones are contained in a ZIP file archive. If you're using a phone without ZIP file capability, try installing AndroZip (Android) or iZip (iPhone).

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